Announcing: Submission deadline is extended to Thursday, February 8, 2018.

CNU Colorado Charter Awards 2018

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is a non-profit organization that promotes walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities, and healthier living conditions. We believe that cities should be designed for people, should respect human scale, and encourage human interaction. The CNU Colorado Charter Awards honor projects that are designed in this spirit and make Colorado a more livable place.

The CNU Colorado Charter Awards honor a select number of winners across four categories:

• Best Built Project in Colorado

• Best Unbuilt Project in Colorado

• Best Tactical Urbanism or Urban Intervention Project in Colorado

• Best Student Project in Colorado

One Award will be bestowed for each category. The jury can decide on bestowing additional awards in a category if several projects equally deserve an award and are not comparable, e.g. because they vary in scale or in the principles of New Urbanism represented.

A jury of distinguished designers, architects, planners, and engineers from Colorado and beyond will review the entries and select the winners. Winning projects are recognized for their excellence in fulfilling and advancing the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism in a Colorado-specific context.

Awards are given to the projects. You can enter projects as a designer, owner, developer etc.

Important Dates:

  • February 1, 2018 – Submission Period Closes (Deadline!)
  • March 5, 2018 – Jury Decision Announced
  • April 13, 2018 – Awards Ceremony in Boulder, CO at the Annual Downtown Colorado Inc Conference


Best Built Project in Colorado

Eligible projects must have been built in Colorado. Projects under construction are also eligible so long as the majority of the project is complete at the time of the submission. The projects can vary widely in scale – from a community garden to a streetscape, a building, block, or a master planned community. All projects will be judged by their placemaking qualities and by how they reflect the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism in a Colorado-specific context.

Best Unbuilt Project in Colorado

Eligible submissions are either projects that are not yet built or that are intended as a vision for a place in Colorado, e.g. as a result of an ideas competition, a feasibility study, or planning documents like form based codes, comprehensive plans or community visions. Projects can vary widely in scale and will be judged for the strength of their placemaking concept as well as their innovation in New Urbanist ideas in a Colorado-specific context, and meeting the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism.

Best Tactical Urbanism or Urban Intervention Project in Colorado

Public events and interventions raise awareness and showcase unconventional solutions for urban design issues. Tactical urbanism projects, regulatory implementations (zoning changes, creative new regulations, etc.), influential research, master plan decisions, or adopted policies are eligible in this category. Projects in this category will be judged by the importance of the issues addressed, their impact on the built environment, their innovation, and how they promote the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism in a Colorado-specific context.

Best Student Project in Colorado

Eligible in this category are projects that were designed by students of a Colorado based college or university within the last four years (2012-2016). Entries may be initiated by faculty (for the work of an entire class, team or individual student), or by a student or students (individual or team project completed for credit) who completed the work in the timeframe outlined above. Student projects from a variety of disciplines that contribute to the shaping of the built environment are encouraged.

Recognition of Entries and Winners:

  • The Winner for each category will receive (2) complimentary registration to the 2018 Annual Downtown Colorado Inc. Conference in Boulder, CO and (2) complimentary Awards Dinner ticket as well as presented with a certificate at an Awards Ceremony.
  • All entries will be displayed on the CNU-Colorado website
  • All entries will be recognized in a CNU-Colorado print publication
  • All entries will be recognized at the DCI Awards Banquet


  • Entries must meet the deadline (February 1, 2018) and format requirements
  • Entries are open to individuals or groups with a Colorado connection (residence or office location)
  • Eligible professional projects must be located in Colorado.
  • Eligible student projects must be designed at a school based in Colorado
  • Multiple entries in a given year are allowed; fees apply to each entry
  • Anyone involved in the execution of a project are eligible to enter the awards program. However, the entrant must get approval from the project’s principal designer and/or owner and the entrant must identify the extent of their involvement with a given project and list all entities that participated
  • Neither jury members nor their employees are allowed to submit entries; however, academic entries in which work was completed in a course taught or advised by a jury member are permitted, with such juror recusing him/herself from judging the entry
  • Participants are responsible for checking their eligibility; projects and participants that do not meet the above mentioned criteria will be disqualified


The jury is comprised of distinguished CNU members from Colorado and beyond. The jury is multidisciplinary and includes architects, planners, urban designers, developers and editors.

Judging Process:

  • All entries will be vetted for eligibility and entry format requirements.
  • Qualifying entries shall be advanced to the jury.
  • All decisions of the jury are final.


All submitted materials, including digital images, will be retained by CNU Colorado. CNU Colorado will use the entries as exemplars in publications (online or printed), programs or exhibits. The Entry Form includes a waiver granting CNU Colorado rights to the material. CNU will retain all digital images for its permanent collection.

Submitting an Entry:

All entries must be submitted within the submission period and meet the format requirements.

Electronic files with appropriate link (Dropbox (preferred), OneDrive, FTP, etc.) shall be emailed to:


  • $120 / $180 for Professionals (Members/Non-Members)
  • $40 for Students
  • Fees apply per project submitted.


Please include a check with your application payable to:

Colorado Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism

Mail to:

Korkut Onaran

CNU Colorado

c/o Pel-Ona Architects Urbanists

4676 Broadway

Boulder, CO 80304

Deliverables and Confirmation:

All entries to be delivered in PDF file format. There are three deliverables:

□ Entry form

□ Award booklet

□ Summary poster and payment


NOTE: Do not display any names (individual or firm) anywhere in the award booklet or summary poster. Use the identification number you entered in the entry form on the award booklet and the summary poster.


CNU-Colorado will e-mail you a confirmation after your fee and entry materials have been received. Please make sure that the e-mail address listed on the Entry Form is correct.


Entry Form:

Download, complete, and sign the entry form.

2018 CNU Colorado Charter Awards – Entry Form

Award Booklet:

Download the award booklet template and insert your materials in your preferred format (pdf/key/ppt/indd).

2018 CNU Colorado Charter Awards- Booklet Template


Review the official 2016 Awards Issue of past submissions below:

2016 Awards Issue

Don’t display your (firm’s) name; use your chosen identification number.

Insert the text and visual material listed below to create the award booklet:

Cover page:

  • Please state the following as they apply: entry category, project name, location, project size, time frame, uses, owner, developer, and design team.
  • Briefly describe your project using bullet points; uses, densities, scope, etc.
  • Provide an exemplary visual to recognize the project


Second page: Written Statement (max 1200 words):

The written statement may vary depending on the entry category, nevertheless the following shall help evaluating the merits of the entry:

  • A brief description of the project, including primary concepts, purposes, and challenges
  • Illustrate in which ways the project fulfills or advances the principles listed in Charter of the New Urbanism
  • Describe the lessons learned throughout the project
  • In which ways does your project promote New Urbanism in Colorado?


The rest of the pages: Visual Material:

Please insert the following visual material to the award booklet as they apply (you may skip or modify an item if the nature of the project does not easily apply to the item)

  • Site Plan map(s) illustrating important elements of urbanism (scale, orientation, street network, land use etc.)
  • Context aerial photo plus additional photos or maps illustrating the context (physical, environmental, social etc.)
  • Design Elements two slides illustrating important design elements (plans, diagrams, illustrations, sketches etc.)
  • Character one slide illustrating the (intended) character of the project (photos, model pictures, renderings, sketches, descriptions etc.)
  • Additional Information (optional!) up to 5 additional pages illustrating important aspects of your project (photos, plans, diagrams, illustrations, sketches, descriptions etc.)


Summary Poster:

Please send a digital PDF of a 17” x 22” vertically oriented poster that summarizes the content of the Award Booklet; both text and visual material. The entries may pick and choose the material from the booklet as they see fit.


Please keep in mind that these posters will be exhibited during the award ceremony. Also, CNU Colorado is planning to use these posters, in their 50% reduced version, for a publication. Therefore, please use text size accordingly (14 p minimum) so that the poster can still be legible when reduced.

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