Beer Urbanism: How Craft Breweries are Contributing to the Vitality of our Beloved Denver Neighborhoods



3855 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO 80211

Speakers and Panelists include:

Steve Kurowski, Manager of Colorado Brewers Guild

Raphael Espinosa, Councilman of Denver’s District 1

Neighborhood Brewery Reps from: Diebolt Breweing Co., Call to Arms Brewing Co., Factotum Brewhouse, and Bruz Beers


By now, Denverites are well aware of the Craft Brew scene. It’s become a state-wide tourism feature and many of the originals have outgrown their start-up spaces. Many breweries have chosen to locate in former industrial areas that are “up-and-coming,” but what about the new breweries that are choosing to locate within the fabric of our beloved Denver neighborhoods? Why did they choose their location? What are they doing to contribute to the neighborhoods? Are people choosing to live within neighborhoods that have amenities such as small, craft breweries? Have local breweries spurred other economic development in our neighborhoods? What are the issues they’ve had to overcome? Come hear from some of our Northwest Denver neighborhood breweries for answers to these questions and more!

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Resilient Urbanism, a Panel Discussion: Bradburn, Midtown & Aria

Don't miss this event!

Don’t miss this event!

This esteemed panel discussion will focus on “resilient urbanism” pertaining to the communities of Bradburn, Midtown & Aria – all innovative for their time.  Resilient urbanism is a collaboration among multiple disciplines that explores a wide spectrum of topics related to what makes resilience in urban contexts unique: housing and land challenges, equity, density, governance, construction markets, place-making, and other characteristics related to the unpredictable and ever-changing urban environment.  The provocative discussion will further highlight a variety of contexts, time frames, and scales directly related to these three progressive Colorado neighborhoods.  Don’t miss it!

CITY BUILDER FORUM – Housing, Homelessness, and a Working Downtown

Housing, density and downtowns.  Attend this great event and hear from prominent speakers, including one of our CNU Board members – Deana Swetlik!  Also, CNU Colorado members’ projects will be utilized as case studies.  Only $25 for an entire afternoon!

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October’s Fest, Beer Urbanism – hosted by CNU-Colorado

We continue our “Beer Urbanism” Meet Up series at North Boulder’s Upslope Brewery. Please join us for a happy hour this Thursday for brews, food and networking!
Please see the accompanying flyer for more detail – see you there!
CNU Upslope Beer Urbanism

38th Avenue :: Wheat Ridge’s Main Street – A Transformation in Progress

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Join us for this event on Friday, Feb 27th at Colorado Plus!

Wheat Ridge’s Main Street – A Transformation in Progress

Wheat Ridge's Main Street - A Transformation in Progress

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