Historic Downtown Golden: New Urbanism the Old Fashioned Way

Panel Discussion, April 16, 2010

Korkut Onaran
President, CNU Colorado

Small cities and towns located on the fringe of bigger cities are now part of the urban growth areas and share the planning issues and challenges of urban development in the metropolitain area scale. When well planned and well executed, the development in the centers of these cities and towns provides a good alternative for suburban living. Denver’s metropolitain area is no exception. A good example for successful development in this type of setting is the development in last ten years in Downtown Golden, Colorado. The following panel tells the story of Downtown Golden along with the challenges of investing in complex projects and the merits of encouraging urbanity and quality of life. Our host Mark Heller, Executive Director of Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA), not only provided an attractive space for the event but also picked the projects and arranged the three presenters for the panel. CNU Colorado expresses deepest gratitude to Mark Heller and GURA. The texts provided here are shortened and edited versions of the presentations provided on April 16, 2010

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