Congress for the New Urbanism Accreditation

The Congress for the New Urbanism offers a professional accreditation program for individuals seeking an in-depth understating of the attributes of human-scaled urban design. Congress for the New Urbanism Accredited (CNU-A) professionals are informed advocates on behalf of the Charter of the New Urbanism and the principles it stands for at the regional, neighborhood, and block level.

The CNU accreditation program was initiated in 2008 in partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture. The goals of the program are to “spread and elevate our best practices; recognize the talent and commitment on display within the movement to create walkable, sustainable places; and establish New Urbanism as the standard for leaders working to build better places.” Earning the credential is a tangible demonstration to your colleagues, employer, and clients of your knowledge and dedication to improving the built environment through the practice of new urbanism.

To help prepare for the accreditation exam, candidates may choose to take the online course The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism, which is administered by the University of Miami. The course is not a requirement to take the exam, however. In 2017, the course is scheduled to be offered during the dates below. Exam dates coincide with the end of each course.

Course Dates                                                     Exam Dates

January 26 – April 20                                     April 6 -20

May 18 – August 10                                         July 27 – August 10

September 7 – November 30                         November 16 – 30


Requirements of earning and maintaining the CNU-A credential are as follows:

  1. Pass the CNU accreditation exam online
  2. Maintain an active CNU membership at the Urbanist level or higher
  3. Complete at least eight hours of CNU-approved continuing education per year.


Please consider taking the step of becoming CNU accredited in the next year.

For additional information about the process of becoming CNU accredited, please see the Candidate Guide or contact CNU at or 312-551

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